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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which data can be analysed? 
Customer feedback data like gathered information about customer satisfaction surveys, customer complaints or even information from different sources.

Do I need to anonymise my customer information?
Yes, please anonymise your customer information before you pass them to us. We work with anonymised data. Therefore, please remove any company names, details which could link to your customers before sending the files.

Is the analysis of my customer data for free?
Yes, we will analyse your delivered files for free and present you the results. No costs will arise for you.

How to submit my data?
You will be contacted by one of our customer excellence experts who will introduce you to the process of submitting.

How will my data be processed? 
After having received your files, our data scientists will run your files through our Sharcx.suite for identifying the key insights within 48 hours.

Which results will I receive? 
The analysis will show you the main topics identified as key drivers for improving your customer satisfaction. Out of this, you can take on account specific actions to make your customers happier. 

How will the results be delivered? 
The results will be presented to you by your dedicated customer excellence expert in a personal call and afterwards, you will get the results as a PDF. 

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